Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Portobello Road signThe magical power of Disney is undeniable. One of the sights our kids most wanted to see while we’re here in London is Portobello Road. That’s because there is a song in the live action/animated Disney movie Bedknobs and Broomsticks, titled (you guessed it) “Portobello Road.”

So here are some pictures of our journey down this colorful road.Portobello Road We stopped by on a quiet day during the week, so most of the many antiques shops were closed. But we did enjoy the pastel cupcakes, silver sugar bowls and cups, ornate dressmakers’ forms and multicolored fruits and vegetables that dot this very long street. We’ll go back on a weekend, when Portobello Market is supposedly a hoppin’ place. Maybe then we’ll find some actual bedknobs or broomsticks.

Portobello Road teapot signlondon-08-113.jpgPortobello Road flower stand Portobello Road antiques shop portobello road cupcakeslondon-08-102.jpg


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